The exciting adventure

of a family


We would like to welcome you to Ecosancho, the exciting adventure of a family that has decided to go against the grain to bring back traditionally grown food flavours which are being lost: flavours the way they used to be.

What will you find?

On our site, you will be able to find high-quality meats including chicken (male), poulard (female) and capon (castrated males) with an authentic taste we achieve thanks to all of the love and affection we put into every stage of the breeding process.

“We believe in bringing back flavour the way it used to be.”

Bringing back flavours the way they used to be



With a perfect team of human resources who love the rural environment, we offer you complete transparency in the work we do, which is reflected in the form of three objectives:

· Constant welfare for our chickens
· Our animals’ health
· Offering you excellent quality in all of our products

This is a product that we believe in.

“We love
the rural environment.”

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Organic Poultry Farming

At Ecosancho we take care of every stage in the process, from rebreeding to the distribution of organic chicken, poulard and capon meat. To do so, we pay close attention to every process so that our animals will remain happy, very happy! And this is something you can notice in our results!

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The chicks come under our care from their first day of life and receive very special treatment. This is a highly important growth stage in which we monitor every factor with painstaking care to make sure their room temperature, feed and development are all perfect.

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After their first 35 days and until the end of fattening, our poultry enjoys wide-open spaces surrounded by a sea of pine trees where they can roam free out in the open air. This is something they love.

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These spaces were designed to house one bird for ever 4 m2, with rotation to preserve their plant-covered roofs. They have a bed of clean straw, heating in the winter and cool shade in the summer. And, of course, they are given free and easy access to feeding and drinking troughs.

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The quality of our poultry feed is essential. Their diet is made up mainly of wheat, peas, sunflower seeds, barley and soy all organic produced and completely free of any transgenic material.

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Going beyond the 40-day life span of a common industrial chicken, organically bred chickens must have a life span of over 81 days. At Ecosancho, we wait until they have reached the age of 110 days. That way we can produce delicious meat which is different from the meat which you usually find available.

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You and your loved ones can enjoy meat which does not fall apart in your mouth, with a perfect consistency, neither tough nor chewy, and spectacular flavour.

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Our Products

High-quality organic chicken.

Where To Buy

There are three ways for you to purchase our products always in perfect condition:

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At select establishments around the country, including Canary and Balearic islands.

icono 8 grupos de consumo

Through consumer groups.

icono 9 domicilio

Home delivery, by placing a minimum order of €150 with us.

Contact us

You can contact us by writing to and we will provide you with information on everything you need.

 Sanchonar SL
Calle Molino 18, 40297
Sanchonuño, Segovia (Spain)

  921 160 390

Ecosancho products pertain to several quality brands and achieved various prizes such as “Surcos” and “La Posada” as the best segovian proyect.
Only a few can get it.